Punjabi juttis are an example of handcrafted goodness that hails from some of the smallest towns in the state. The makers of these juttis carefully choose the material and the designs to ensure that every piece is unique and exquisite.

The fact that a lot of labor goes into the making of these juttis may result is some of them being exorbitantly priced. That said, for the jutti lovers, there is some good news. Not all juttis are heavy on the pocket. You can find some of the best designs at throwaway prices.

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Here are some simple tips that will help you find the best ones at an affordable price:

  • Understand the work that has gone into the making of a jutti. If you are looking for something on a budget, avoid pairs that have embellishments like pearls. You can also avoid the ones with traditional work such as gota embroidery as you will pay a huge sum for the work that goes into them. Instead, oft for the lightly embroidered ones, plain ones or the printed ones as they will fit into your budget perfectly.
  • There are many deals available online. Since juttis are so popular, there are countless manufacturers and retailers selling them online. You can get them at great prices online as they come to you directly from the manufacturers most of the time. You can also look for seasonal sales to buy the perfect pair of juttis. There are end of season sales, clearance sales and festival sales that you can make the most of if you want to avoid paying too much for a pair.
  • The brand that you choose matters. There are many brands out there that offer jutties at a variety of prices. For instance, there is a brand like The Needledust which can cost you up to Rs.4000 per pair. Then, there are budget brands like the Rustic tilla where you will pay a maximum of Rs.1500 a pair. If you are on a tight budget, look for a brand that falls in that range. Despite the price difference, all juttis are beautiful and extremely comfortable for you to wear. Each brand has a unique style statement that you can make the most of.


With Torr Punjabi, you can get a great blend of modern and traditional designs. The price range is reasonable, too. You can pick a pair of juttis based on your requirement. Its easy to find a pair that works with any outfit here.

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As for the design, quality and novelty, you will not have to make any compromises even if you pick a pair that is on the lower side of the price spectrum.