Juttis are the most versatile of all the kinds of footwear available. These beautifully crafted juttis are available based on your taste, in a wide range of colors and a myriad of different designs to choose from. So there is no questioning the fact that your wardrobe is incomplete without a piece of this royal heritage.

Today, juttis are the trend to look out for with party wear. Since they are so stylish and comfortable, they are perfect for long hours of partying. If that isn’t reason enough, here are a few more reasons for the ladies to get themselves a pair of these party wear juttis:

  • They work as flip flops and shoes. Your feet are fully covered, but all you have to do is slip them on and head out for a party. These shoes are strong and have a sturdy sole that makes them ideal for party wear.
  • You can wear a jutti for any occasion. Whether it is a party, a wedding or even a simple get together, you will find a pair that is perfect. They can be worn with salwars, sarees, jeans or any other dress that you would wear to a party.
  • The varieties of juttis are endless. You can get a jutti with pearls, embellishments or even prints. If plain and simple is your style, then you can opt for a plain leather jutti. There are new designs that are being introduced into the world of fashion every single day.
  • Juttis are reasonably priced. Considering the bling that they add to any outfit, the price that you pay for each pair is almost negligible. Considering the fact that you can wear them almost every day, they are totally worth the price you pay.
  • With a great pair of juttis, you carry a piece of the rich Indian heritage with you at all times. They add an almost Bohemian feel to every outfit. The variety with juttis also helps you create your own individual style that is sure to make heads turn when you walk by.
  • You can dance the night away in these juttis. You will not have to worry about your feet being sore. They are also extremely comfortable as you do not have to worry about slipping or losing your balance while you are busy showing off your best moves on the dance floor.

Torr Punjabi brings to you some of the best party wear designs. Whether you are looking at making a statement or just like to keep things subtle and classic, you will find a pair that matches your needs. And, every piece is unique and is a masterpiece in itself.