From being a choice of the royals to becoming the most sought after fashion footwear, the Punjabi Jutti has seen several transformations since its introduction. These simple and stylish closed shoes are anything but humble thanks to their rich cultural history.

These juttis are a must have in everyone’s wardrobe and here are ten reasons why:

  1. They are as easy to wear as flip flops but have the class and elegance of closed shoes. So they are the best of both worlds.
  2. They are perfect for every occasion. Whether it is a wedding or just a day out with friends, you can rely on the Punjabi Jutti.
  3. There are so many choices. You have different designs with embroidery, beadwork, mirror work or prints in several colors. You even have the option of having a jutti custom made.
  4. These juttis are extremely affordable. Thanks to the strong sole and the choicest material used to make these shoes, they also last forever.
  5. They are a mark of our rich tradition. You can add an inherent Indian quality to any outfit that you pair your jutti with.
  6. No pedicure? No problem. You can hide chipped nails or scraped nail polish under these stylish juttis. Your feet will always look as pretty as they can be.
  7. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can include a jutti in your wardrobe. Juttis are specially designed to suit men and women respectively. The ones made for women are delicate and sleek while the ones made for men are macho and elegant.
  8. Juttis are absolutely hassle free. Unlike the loafers, their western counterparts, you do not have to worry about wearing socks or any other accessory with your Punjabi Jutti. There are no straps or laces that you have to worry about with these beautiful shoes.
  9. They are ingrained in our culture. If you visit Punjab, you will know that the locals there cannot do without their reliable juttis. There is mention of the jutti in popular songs, in the colloquial phrases and every bit of Punjabi culture.
  10. Juttis are a source of income for several artisans in the remote parts of India. Made in the interiors of Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana, these juttis are made with skills that are passed on along generations of the most skilled craftsmen. In fact for many, this is part of their ancestral business.


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