Punjab is a land that is rich in tradition and heritage. From the music to the clothing, just about everything is unique. Of all the
iconic cultural symbols, the Punjabi Jutti remains one of the most popular with people young and old.
In an effort to preserve and promote this traditional accessory, Torr Punjab brings to you the best collection of Punjabi juttis online. Every piece is unique and handcrafted to perfection. The leather and the embellishments used on our juttis are of the highest quality assuring elegance and comfort, all rolled into one eye-catching pair.
Every piece brings out the essence of Punjab, or as the locals like to call it ‘Punjabiyat’. Embroidered, embellished, and adorned with intricate detailing our juttis lend a royal touch to every attire.
Team them with suits, denims, skirts, or trousers to get the perfect finishing touch for your outfit.
If you are looking for the best Punjabi Juttis, your search ends here. Whether it is a gorgeously glamorous jutti for a special
occasion like a wedding or just a simple, casual one that you can wear everyday, our collection features everything.
When you buy Punjabi Juttis from Torr Punjabi, you buy a piece of the rich craftsmanship that the state is famous for. From Gottpati, nakashi, embroidery with dabka, sequins and much more, these pieces are the perfect showcase for the work of every craftsman who pours his soul into these juttis. They are ideal for every season and occasion and will definitely make you fall in love with them.
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